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Twelve Tense Tales: Warty Book 2

Locate a store. Books by Colin Boxall-Hunt. James said he wanted to play football anyway and he didn't care about the rain. Sam changed his mind and decided he wanted to play too, and left the house to join James in the park. While he was walking to the park, James met two of his other friends and invited them along. When they all arrived, they saw that James had found some other kids to play with, and they had enough people for a full match. While they were playing football, it stopped raining anyway and Sam was really happy he hadn't gone to the cinema.

After the game, Sam went home. On the way, he stopped at a shop to buy something for his lunch. He was about to pay when he realised he had forgotten to take his wallet when he had left the house.

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He apologised and left the shop. Sam felt hungry but he knew that he had plenty of food at home. He was walking home, thinking about the goals he had scored that day, when he saw his mum drive past. She saw him and stopped the car to give him a ride home. She had been working all morning, but she was in a good mood.

Sam sat back in his seat and looked forward to having his lunch. He was having a great day. When they arrived, Sam cooked lunch for the whole family. Warm-up activity The aim of the first activity is to become familiar with the story of Sam and James playing a game of football.


Cut up the cards. Shuffle the cards. Work together with another student to put the story in the right order. Check your answer the correct order is on page two of the template. Then, flip all of the cards face-down and try to retell the story in your own words. It can be very useful for teachers and students because can practice all 12 English tenses simple present, present progressive, simple past, future perfect It's an easy way to learn and teach grammar through stories. Labels: Tips for teachers. Rino Robles 26 Nov , Anonymous 1 Apr , Anonymous 20 May , Anonymous 17 Jun , Anonymous 5 Jul , Anonymous 9 Oct , Kamal Raj 4 Feb ,