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I took my own advice and read it on holiday. I love the theme of friendship and work, after all we all work and it is a big source of pressure and we all have friends. I'd rate the first book 4. I read it in a day. I've noticed other readers didn't understand Ginny and Josh's anger but I thought it was completely understandable. Jen said she'd take control as it's something she does professionally, something she enjoys and it's for her best friend but man she messed up big with the dates.

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Imagine your best friend not knowing the week or day your getting married! You'd be fuming. Saying this as the book was written in Jen's POV it was easy to feel sorry for her. She was written to be a amiable character. I did not understand how Matt and Jen said I love you when they'd be alone twice? The pace was good but for me this was too quick!! I would have been happy if the author had him confess his love and then instead of resiplicating his words it was left with her kissing him back expressing her feelings without saying the L word.

Apr 27, Hannah rated it really liked it Shelves: 4-stars.

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Actual rating: 4. Oct 11, Laura rated it it was amazing Shelves: chick-lit. I loved this book! Jan 07, Becky rated it liked it. I had so enjoyed reading "Three Girls and a Baby" by this author that I didn't have to think twice about picking up another book by her.

This book is about Jen, who we met in Three Girls and a Baby as one of Ginny's best friends and roommates. In this book Ginny and Josh get engaged. Jen is an event planner who is trying to work her way up in her company - and she jumps at the opportunity to work with a senior executive on the wedding of a billionaire's daughter.

That wedding and Ginny's wedding I had so enjoyed reading "Three Girls and a Baby" by this author that I didn't have to think twice about picking up another book by her. That wedding and Ginny's wedding are incredibly close together, but Jen is sure she can pull both off.

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But as the stress and pressure increase, Jen has to make a choice between furthering her career and her friends. I liked the book but I didn't love it - I had a hard time connecting to Jen in the beginning, and I felt like her character didn't have as much meat as Ginny did.

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I also felt that the romantic interest Matt in the book went back and forth too much, and it annoyed me. Why is Matt mad now? Who knows - there is always some dumb reason that is never talked about until catastrophe strikes. I liked Kiki the billionaire's daughter as a character - she brightened things up and also brought that sense of unlimited opportunity - being a billionaire's daughter and all. And her fiancee is amusing in his barely-there, full-fledged support role.

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So a cute book but I didn't feel it had quite the depth that Three Girls and a Baby had. Apr 23, Meredith Schorr rated it it was amazing. In the second installment of the Three Girls series, the spotlight is on Jen. Since she's an event planner, it's a good thing. When Jen is asked to assist on the wedding of socialite Kiki Barber, it could mean huge things for her career and she's determined to help throw the wedding of the year.

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She's also determined to organize Ginny's wedding to Josh. Unfortunately, Jen is working herself into the ground and despite her In the second installment of the Three Girls series, the spotlight is on Jen. Unfortunately, Jen is working herself into the ground and despite her go-getter nature, things don't go as planned.

Will her career dreams be shattered? Will her two best friends have her back or will she lose them too? And what's up with the gorgeous best man sending her mixed messages? I became a huge fan of Schurig after reading Three Girls and a Baby. I love her writing style and her characters were so much fun and so real. I loved Ginny so much and feared that I wouldn't like Part 2 as much. I was wrong. I absolutely loved this book. And call me fickle, but I think I might like Jen even more than Ginny! The romance in this one was cute and although I think the relationship conflict could have been stronger, I devoured this book and highly recommend.

Jul 12, Margaret rated it really liked it. Add to the ch Jen Campbell loves weddings. Oct 25, April rated it it was amazing.

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Growing up I always wanted a fancy expensive wedding. The dress shopping, picking out flowers, choosing themes, hundreds of guests, 5 star food. Well, my wedding was not quite like that because we were young and buying a house.

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This book though. I sucked up all these details through my mental twisty straw. Loved loved loved!!!! I felt like I got to have my big fancy wedding after all. There is a new character introduced, the bride herself. Through all this stress of planning the wedding, the super attractive best man is moody and insufferable. Sparks be flying yo! Again, the girls and their friendships shine through.

Feb 08, Marieanne Fabiano rated it really liked it Shelves: reading-challenge. Another hit in the "Three Girls" series! This time, the Schurig, is writing from Jen's perspective.

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Jen is a very hard-working event planner. Although Jason, Jen's arrogant co-worker has just been given a fantastic promotion at work, Jen has been asked to set aside all of her other events that she is currently working on, to be Jason's assistant on the Barker wedding.

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We learn quickly though, that Jen is really running the show and Jason is looking to take all of the credit for Jen's hard work. Through all this, Jen has also accepted the task of planning Ginny and Josh's wedding all while trying to navigate her newly developed feelings for Matt, the handsome best man from the Barker wedding. I am thoroughly enjoying this series and am looking forward to reading about Annie next! Jan 31, Starla B rated it really liked it. I really liked this book. As with the first book, some times the main character really made me mad, but I could see how someone so driven would create the same circumstances.

I've had those same moments. A lot of the book was tense for me because I knew what the issue was and knew it was going to royally screw things up. I spent a lot of time waiting for the other shoe to drop, and then had a fabulous time finding out the solution when it finally did.