The Secret of the Long-Lost Cousin: Can You Solve the Mystery #1 (Can you solve the mystery?)

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First Paperback Printing. Brief summary of content available upon request by e-mail. Seller Inventory Soft cover. The book is in Good condition. Pages are clean and unmarked. The front cover right bottom corner is ceased and the back cover is rubbed esp. Book Description Brand: Meadowbrook Press, Condition: GOOD. Has little wear to the cover and pages. Contains some markings such as highlighting and writing. Satisfaction Guaranteed! Book is in Used-Good condition. Pages and cover are clean and intact.

Used items may not include supplementary materials such as CDs or access codes. May show signs of minor shelf wear and contain limited notes and highlighting. Jan 27, AM. Can You Solve the Mystery? Masters maybe?

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My book would have been published around It looks terrific and I plan on giving them a try. Jan 27, PM. Maybe it is the correct book then. Will get a library copy to confirm. That's it.

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Thanks so much! Add a reference: Book Author. I solved this one myself. The book is about a summer adventure in the English countryside, involving a young girl, her best friend Persephone and her unusual family. There is a island with some abbey ruins, some caves, some mysterious singing, and a flood that imperils a little girl and her nanny in the caves, and a mysterious young boy who helps rescue them. I've been interested in the poem ever since.

One of the "I Can Read Book" series.

This was my favorite series as a child since I'm just crazy about cats. Esther Averill wrote and illustrated a number of stories about a small black cat named Jenny Linsky. Many of the stories revolve around the Cat Club, of which Jenny is a member. Pickles was the name of the firecat.

One of her brothers was named Checkers and he had a talent of retrieving balls. I can't remember the name of the other brother. There was also a set of twins who were members of the cat club. Esther Averill, Jenny Linsky series. If it makes a difference, I'll add a second voice to the suggestion that this is likely to be the "Jenny Linsky" series. These books are terribly collectible, and remembered fondly by all sorts of people. They've been reprinted a number of times, but currently aren't in print. C Averill, Esther. Harper, Grabo, Carl Henry, Cat in grandfather's house , This may be the book the reader remembered as The Clock in Grandfather's House.

The reader did mention a cat, so it might well have been The Cat in Grandfather's House. The date is about right. I have new information.

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I know it sounds silly, but I didn't want to ask my father the exact name of this book because I wanted to surprise him for his 75th birthday. It all became too much for me, though, and I finally called him. According to him, the name of this book is The Cat in Grandfather's House , and it was published in , the year of his birth. He lives in San Diego near the famous "Prince and the Pauper" children's bookstore, and some time ago they said they had a waiting list for this book. I contacted them today and they are looking into it, but of course, any help on your end would be wonderful.

Just reading that line, I got a flashback of some illustrations by him. For some strange reason, I think that book had something to do with chicken noodle soup, or am I thinking of something else? So check it out, I hope I'm right! Well, gee, I have The Nutshell Library sitting right here on my desk. No Aviators here. Your site is marvelous. Turns out it's neither Sendak nor Alligators All Around.

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Does anyone remember this book? It was probably published in the mid to late s. Please, please help! I just discovered your wonderful website yesterday and thought I might be able to help you out with the A1 stumper. I remembered a children's dictionary not just an ABC book with whimsical examples like those given by the people writing to you, first published in the mids when I was very young, and it seemed that it was illustrated by P.

As recently as the early s I bought a copy of this book new for my nephew. I'll be eager to find out if this is the book the person was looking for! This sure is fun! The Cat in the Hat Beginner Dictionary. Random House Beginner Books, A well-loved copy, some water damage and hinges taped.

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Sounds like this one. In many ways, their lives and fears are the same. A cat called Ta-she seems to bind them together. This is certainly the Cat in the Mirror. Erin experiences her previous life, years ago in Egypt, where her name is Irun. There is a boy named Seti both now in New York and then in Egypt. Pamela F. I don't remember any of Pam Service's titles, except for Winter of Magic's Return , which is not the one the seeker wants. But do some paperback research--Loganberry had a few when I left--and she's probably the author of the stumper title.

Y11 is Cat in the Mirror by Mary Stolz. From the front flap: "This is a story of two girls: Erin and Irun. One lives now in New York City, and one belongs in ancient Egypt 3, years ago. One is fascinated by things of the past, and the other is haunted by a voice from the future. There are other things that bind the girls -- the same appearance, their relationships to their parents, and a cat called Ta-she. Perhaps the two girls are in some way the same person after all. I'm sure it's the one - a very good book!

I've solved the Mt Chiliad Mural.. this is how it ends!

One is fascinated by things of the past, and the other haunted by a voice from the future. She is a loner until a young Egyptian boy, Seti, transfers to her school and befriends her. Mary Stolz, Cat in the Mirror.

It's about a girl who has trouble fitting in at a new school, and she receives a blow to the head and is transported years back in time to ancient Egypt. It is a boy who travels back in time, but he does go to Egypt My copy of the book isn't where I thought it was so I can't check for sure without going through every book in the house to find it--that would take weeks! Mary Stolz, Cat in the Mirror , There are boys named Seti from both times and cat named Ta-she. I think this one may have a similar plotline to what you are describing This instantly rang a bell with me.

It's not actual time-travel I think. The two girls Erin and Irun are haunting each other across 3, years. Erin, Erun, friend named Seti, time travel? Seems to match description exactly. Description found on the web: "Erin has a few problems but starts off on the right foot with Seti, the new boy at school who has just moved from Egypt. When he makes it into the "in crowd", he doesn't forget her.

The story turns to fantasy when she bumps her head on a museum stone artifact and floats back to the days years ago when she is Irun and Seti is still her friend. She does recover and Seti seems to know where she's been. This is a good tale of friends that stand the test of time and peer pressure.