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After six months of travelling, they both decided to settle in Toronto. There was a great Irish community, plenty job opportunities and not a million miles away from home — well a direct flight anyway!

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Rosie now works as a midwife and Eoghan as a civil engineer. During the summer Eoghan brought Rosie to New York to celebrate their six-year anniversary. Of course she accepted and then ensued the excitement and challenges of long distance wedding planning. Despite their differences Rosie a Cork woman and Eoghan a west-Waterford man , they could agree on one thing — a wedding at home in Ireland and if at all possible, by the sea.

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For Eoghan and Rosie this gave them the peace of mind they desperately needed when planning their dream wedding from abroad. I could see table settings, the lighting design, menu options and more which was so great because I felt way more in control!

I was happy to leave all these things in their capable hands. Thank god for that, no one likes a Bridezilla!

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Especially not an anxious one over the phone! I have so many Irish friends who want to get married at home in the future.

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Over 36 hours, we see Rosie glued to her phone, juggling normal family life while trying to find a room to sleep in. Ireland is in the grip of a housing crisis in which a growing number of lower income families are being squeezed out of the private rental market into homelessness. The number of families made newly homeless rose from 39 in January to in August.

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A total of 1, families are now estimated to be living in emergency accommodation across the country, the vast majority of which were either evicted by private landlords or were unable to afford a rent rise. These families drop out of the private market into a punishing cycle. Local authorities offer a subsidised-rent scheme, housing assisted payment , but to qualify for this, they are first asked to find a place to rent in a market where an acute property shortage is pushing prices through the roof.

Rosie confronts a homelessness crisis that can be too easily dehumanised by statistics, said Doyle. Focus Ireland — a charity working to support the homeless — says at least families are left chasing hotel rooms on a nightly basis. And that number is growing. The charity made emergency one-night family placements in January this year. By September, that number had more than doubled. On the rare evenings the charity is unable to find enough emergency beds, they say families are sent to sleep in police stations — despite government denials. Jolanta, 31, has three children.

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Like every other family in the emergency accommodation cycle, Jolanta and her children have to wait until 8pm to be told where they are staying that evening, and then must be out of that room by 10am the following morning. In the hours between, she kills time and keeps warm.