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HubbleSite: Image - Jupiter's Great Red Spot and Ganymede's Shadow (Full-Disk, Color)

Curated content from the editorial staff at Cosmos Magazine. Looking for more science? Click here to see our subscription options. Click here to see our gift options. Recommended for you. A shadow pointing at the moon A rocket launch comes between the moon and the sun to produce a beautiful geometric alignment. Popular Today. Oshima has already identified one potential member of this hidden armada, AE9. The object orbits about 1. Occasionally, the asteroid brushes past Mars on its orbits, getting as close as 0. These fly-bys have changed the asteroid's orbit over time.

The orbit has not only drawn closer to the plane of the solar system, it has also become more eccentric. While there is no danger of it impacting Earth in the near future, AE9 may one day shift its orbit enough to leave Jupiter and collide with a rocky planet. According to de la Fuente Marcos, the process would take just under a million years, a fairly rapid development in astronomical terms.

A handful of planets and comets have been identified as Jupiter co-orbitals over the last few years. The planet has also attracted a group of bodies called the Trojan asteroids , which orbit immediately in front of and behind Jupiter, and the orbits of which are unlikely to change. But other future hazards could be hidden near the giant planet; identifying them is important.

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