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Government and the business community are clearly putting their money where their mouth is. Many companies have even overhauled their recruitment, hiring, and retention strategies to be more inclusive. Yet it continues to get harder to find good talent. You would think that companies would want to employ strategies to combat weight bias so they can hire the best people.

However, larger-bodied people are still overlooked for jobs because people tend to assume that due to our size, we are lazy. A survey from Fairygodboss found that when hiring professionals were shown a picture of a larger-bodied woman, only Twenty percent characterized the woman as lazy. So, despite surviving one of the most competitive high schools in the country and graduating from one of the top undergraduate business schools in the world, I am doomed to be judged by my appearance. Getting hired is just the first obstacle. Fat professional women will likely be paid less than women who are considered traditionally thin.

Sure, maybe you don't directly ridicule fat people and you really like Melissa McCarthy. That must be enough, right? Fatphobia is built into our day-to-day lives—the clothes we wear; the healthcare we receive; the TV shows we watch—and it's going to take all of us unlearning our preconceptions, behaviors, and language to make space for all bodies in our world. Over 95 percent of people who lose weight through dieting put the weight back on within five years.

If diets worked, the diet industry would be financially unsustainable. Learn about the damage that yo-yo dieting does to the body. If you want to lose weight, fine, you do you. But understand how damaging it is for us to constantly hear how unwanted and unacceptable fat bodies are. More specifically, stop talking about your diet at meal times. Refrain from giving a fat person unsolicited advice about weight loss. Watch out for pity in your response to fat people. We need your acceptance and your action to help other thin people get there, too.

Stop fetishizing fat bodies. Fat people are plenty hot and are having great sex, thank you very much. All shapes and sizes of people have sex—there's nothing you can do about that, and it's weird and telling if you're put out by it. Understand that fat women get harassed and assaulted, too. The fear of being ridiculed or disbelieved for speaking out about assault is often heightened for fat women.

Are you my doctor? Never ever, ever, ever pressure your partner to lose weight.

Human Parts

Believing in bodily autonomy for your partner extends to supporting them in the choices they make about their body, shape, and size. If you care that much about what other people eat, donate your time and money to organizations that campaign for affordable, nutritional food in poor communities.

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Investigate who is sharing the material and question what they might have to gain from it. Demonization of fat bodies is a classic scapegoating tool employed by governments. Learn about how the medical community treats fat bodies. As one example of very many, fat people are routinely denied kidney transplants unless they lose weight, even though they experience the same level of success with a donor kidneys as thin people do.

We are consistently disbelieved and misdiagnosed because doctors cannot see past our fatness.

You'll also immediately receive some free tools and resources, including the custom net worth tracking spreadsheet I used to hit my savings goal. Awesome gif!

Thanks for making it. Good on ya, for getting a good start on the conversation. This does help by showing the scale of the mountain faced by so many.

Ashley Struggles with Everyday Tasks - My 600-lb Life

We need to push the rock up the food mountain a bit, pin it with a stone and head over to the Fitness mountain and push that rock up some more, then back to the food one, and on and on. And the stones are slowly slipping back down hill. The social obstacle may be the toughest to overcome for some people. I have come to realize in my fifties and after overcoming some health issues that pulled me back down the mountain that now being in the higher percentile of fitness level is an absolute privilege — fostered along by my economic status, genetics, sex, race, nationality, gender, and positive social influences.

Yes, the fat people are heroes, as well as those beating back social pressures in the circles of lives. Hey George, thanks for the comment.

Changing the terminology to 'people with obesity' won't reduce stigma against fat people

All good points — especially the social influence. I remember reading that people with overweight friends are more likely to be overweight, which seems plausible. Rhonda Patrick has been on Joe Rogan several times, and has her own show. Stephen Guyenet has been on Rationally Speaking , and wrote a book called The Hungry Brain which sounds very promising, and which is reviewed nicely here. Thanks for standing up for the overweight. I used to be thin before Uni and never had to worry about food or find it difficult to exercise.

Does fat shaming help people lose weight?

All changed since than and now I am seriously overweight by 45kg. Yeah, but then you have to consider how they got to be so fucking fat in the first place. It was perpetually discomforting; it felt like how I imagine being covered in slime would feel like. Now, that is quite unfair. Many are fat from childhood, and it is hard when you have always been fat and have no idea what it is like to be thin. I am somewhat lucky in that despite being overweight, I have always been an active person and have managed to lose weight, but it is very, very easy to gain it back.

One bad week can spiral quickly. The percentages for people who are obese slimming to normal and staying there are pretty much non-existent. Maybe they tried and failed so often that they gave up. Shit happens. Now, the super morbidly obese people are another thing, but it is quite easy to perpetually be overweight with no real way of slimming down to normal without superhuman dedication and will every day for the next decade.

Valid point. If you were fat from childhood, some leeway is deserved. Also, you have my condolences.

Fat People Are Heroes

Past the age of majority, we hold people fully responsible for crimes they commit against others; I see no reason to not hold someone fully responsible for the crimes he commits against himself. Just stop eating everything with wheat, corn syrup, sugar, and flour. All calories should come from meat, milk, cheese, the odd fruit I like dates, the little sugar bombs , and vegetables.

Make sure, also, to get the occasional organ meat, mostly liver, mostly Braunschweiger. I assure you, it is quite impossible to sustain obesity on such a diet. The hunger will vanish and the fat will melt away never to return.

Myth 1: ‘I eat only 1,000 kcal a day, but I don’t lose weight’

And once you can see abs, you can eat the occasional potato, bowl of rice, or entire cheesecake without fuss. Eh, most people are nowhere near that strong willed. Even most slim people eat like crap and end up getting fat as they get older and metabolism slows down, etc. Mind you, I am not disagreeing with what you wrote, but that most people are not strong enough to do that.

To many, obesity is normal.